Monday, June 9, 2014

Walk the Hills

On Saturday, I was invited to Larkspur for a spur of the moment hike with a few friends.  One of my good friends had been staying in this super rustic and beautiful mountain-side house all week dog-sitting, and he'd discovered a few trails he wanted to take us on.  My friends brought food, water, sweatshirts and baseball caps.  I brought my camera.

It's absolutely beautiful up there.  I must admit that I'm not entirely sure where we were (I believe it was Mount Tamalpais?) but it was a different hike than I've ever experienced.  It was difficult, yet at the end I just felt so incredibly light and inspired that I wasn't entirely ready to leave when we decided it was time to turn back.  I'd really like to invest in some good hiking boots and go back some day.


  1. I lived in San Anselmo when I worked in Marin. I'm so glad that you discovered Marin! I always joked that my City friends wouldn't "cross a bridge" and they were missing so much!

  2. Love your photos! It's so important to have the proper attire, like hiking boots, if you are partaking in a serious hike. I learned the hard way that a long hike is not feasible in tennis shoes. Thanks so much for sharing this!


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