Sunday, June 1, 2014

Summer Plans

It seems like all I've been posting lately are either updates and promises to return to blogging or reflections looking back on things I probably should have just blogged about as they happened.  So this stops now!  Or, at least, after this final update-type post.

I can't believe it's already been almost three weeks since I graduated from college.  I know this is said a lot, but it really does seem like just yesterday that I moved into my first dorm room, nervous and but also excited to start my four years at college.  Let me tell you, those four years were over in a flash!  I learned a lot, grew a lot, and am pleased to say that I will be moving on to law school next year (because no, I'm not done learning yet!)

This, of course, begs the question: What will happen to Little Girl in a Big City?  Well, I originally intended this blog to be about my years as an undergrad in San Francisco and, after lots of thinking, I have decided to leave it at that.  I will be staying in the city for the majority of the summer, working and hanging out with friends, so I will keep updating this blog up through my final day in the city.  That, is (here comes that dangerous word) a promise.

However, I'm not quite ready to give up on blogging yet, so I plan on launching another blog once I've moved back to Southern California to attend law school.  I am very excited about this prospect, as it gives me a chance to reinvent my blogging-self and try something a little different.  Much of this blog has been about personal discovery and little adventures, and I've tried really hard to keep it at that.  But the blogs I enjoy reading the most are more lifestyle, beauty, and DIY related, and this new blog will allow me to explore those interests.  I'm not an expert in any of those fields (not even close), but I like the idea of being able to chronicle my trials and errors in those areas as I figure out how to be a "real" adult.

Phew, that was a long-winded update.  In sum, new lifestyle blog coming in August, but in the meantime, I plan on really giving Little Girl a good last run.  And of course you can always hop over to YouTube and any of my social media links if you'd like to follow me in other areas of my life.

Happy Sunday and happy planning, everyone!

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