Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Feature: My Tumblr Pages

Finally, my promised introduction to Tumblr!  For those of you who don't know what Tumblr is, it's basically a simplified blogging website where people post text posts (much like here on Blogger), quotes, music, and most of all lots and lots of pictures.  There is a whole Tumblr culture, made up primarily of teenage girls who look and act a certain way in the hope of becoming "Tumblr girls."  There is also a lot of weird stuff on Tumblr.  I'm talking really, really WEIRD stuff, so if you've never used the site before, be warned.

As for me, I started using Tumblr sporadically this past fall and quickly fell into the trap of the never ending scroll bar.  Seriously, you can lose hours simply scrolling down your home feed because (this is an important tip!) there is no end of the page!  I use have been doing surprisingly well with my Lenten Tumblr limitations, and I think I'll definitely maintain them for productivity's sake even after the season is over.

I use my primary Tumblr, littlespider's web as a sort of never ending inspiration board.  I don't post that many original photos, but use it mainly for sharing quotes and reblogging beautiful pictures of clothes, nature, and of course, books!  Feel free to come follow me and leave a comment with your Tumblr as well!

If you like my Sketchbook Sunday posts and would like to see more art, you can check out my portfolio Tumblr here.  I'm still working on posting and curating my art work, but I like how it's coming along so far.

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