Monday, October 21, 2013

Mid-Semester Slump

Half of last week was fall break, which means I got to go home and visit with my puppies and family.  It was absolutely beautiful at home which made it feel like summer all over again.  Which was fun for a few days, but now I have run into a problem: the unavoidable mid-semester slump.

Getting back to school even after those few days off, it's been difficult to focus.  I'll have a really productive day, generally sandwiched between a few really unproductive days.  I think the problem this year is that not only do I have school work, but I'm also slogging through test-prep for the LSAT in December, which is actually rapidly approaching. I can't wait until I'm actually being paid to work on the same thing for hours on end!

I did have a nice break this weekend, when some friends threw a pasta-bake.  Yep, that means we sat around eating amazing Italian food for three or so hours.  Seriously, this was a fantastic way to decompress.

Good luck with your Monday, folks.  Any tips on mid-semester motivation?

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