Monday, October 21, 2013

Mid-Semester Slump

Half of last week was fall break, which means I got to go home and visit with my puppies and family.  It was absolutely beautiful at home which made it feel like summer all over again.  Which was fun for a few days, but now I have run into a problem: the unavoidable mid-semester slump.

Getting back to school even after those few days off, it's been difficult to focus.  I'll have a really productive day, generally sandwiched between a few really unproductive days.  I think the problem this year is that not only do I have school work, but I'm also slogging through test-prep for the LSAT in December, which is actually rapidly approaching. I can't wait until I'm actually being paid to work on the same thing for hours on end!

I did have a nice break this weekend, when some friends threw a pasta-bake.  Yep, that means we sat around eating amazing Italian food for three or so hours.  Seriously, this was a fantastic way to decompress.

Good luck with your Monday, folks.  Any tips on mid-semester motivation?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Delarosa Pizza

It has certainly taken me a long time to get to this post, so without further ado, let's talk about some awesome pizza!  While out shopping in the Marina last month, my friend Christine recommended that we try a small restaurant called Delarosa on Chestnut Street.

I'm not really sure what I was expecting when we walked in, but I was definitely not expecting it to be quite so busy!  Delarosa has a very modern interior in bright oranges and futuristic grays.  There is a bit of bar seating available, but for the most part the restaurant is one large room full of long wooden tables.  I believe they call this dining "Roman style," when multiple parties share the same large table.  Overall, it was a totally different, really fun environment.

Now on the to the actual menu.  My only problem with it was that there were too many amazing-sounding options!  Seriously, it took us forever to decide what we wanted.  In the end we ended up getting their pizza with spicy Fennel sausage, onions, and scamorza.  It was fantastic balance of all of the ingredients, thought be warned: when they call the sausage spicy, they really mean it!

Christine also ordered a cocktail (I'm not entirely sure which it was... maybe the Salty Dog?).  She was a bit disappointed that it didn't come in a fun glass, but it was quite tasty.  And yes, that does mean that I had a little sip and, as someone who doesn't drink at all, thought it was quite good.

And just in case you need one more reason to go check Delarosa out, it's just down the street from Kara's Cupcakes.  So naturally, we stopped there as well for our favorite red velvet cupcakes.

The moral of this story?  Chestnut Street is a food-lover's paradise!