Monday, August 12, 2013

Answering Some Questions!

Back in July I passed 300 subscribers on YouTube!  I know, right?  Currently I am just past 430 subscribers and couldn't possibly feel more amazed and grateful that there are hundreds of people out there who actually enjoy listening to me ramble on about books and life.

Anyways, as a sort of thank-you plus a get-to-know-me, I decided to do a question-and-answer video.  I received quite a few interesting questions and answered them last week in the video above!

In other news, I am heading back to school at the end of the week, which means major packing is getting under way.  I'm thinking about doing a "Tips for Packing for College" post sometime this week, but am leery of promising anything.  You all know what happens when I try and plan ahead for this blog.  And if you don't because you're new here, welcome to the world's most neglected blog.  If this blog was the person I was dating, I would have stood it up hundreds of times now.

With that very strange analogy, I bid you adieu.

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