Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wall Wednesday: Book Collection (Part 3)

Here's the final installment of my book collection tour!  It's official: I have WAY too many books!  I want to say that I should stop buying more, but I also have fallen way behind on young adult reads over the past couple of years, so that's a pretty good excuse to keep buying books, right?

Special announcement for those of you who do not subscribe to me on YouTube.  I am officially a Booktuber!  All this really means is that I will be making videos about books, reading, etc.  I will probably still do a few other kinds of videos to post  here on the blog, but I think my days of free-form blogging/vlogging are over.  I plan on finishing off the two years here at Little Girl, and then stepping away from the blogging world for a while.  Videos are just so much more inspiring for me right now, so I think I'll start going more in that direction instead.

Happy Wall Wednesdays, guys!  Are you reading anything good lately?

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