Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wall Wednesday: Embroidery Detail

I embellished this bag way back in January, but totally forgot about sharing it with you guys!  If you're familiar with waste disposal here in San Francisco, you already know that the city tries to be super green and makes both recycling and composting mandatory.  So I use this cute tote (which I got for free  as a reward for donating to PetSmart forever ago) as my recyclables containing in my room.  That way I can fill it up and easily carry it down to the actual bin.

It really isn't anything too special, just a free canvas tote, so I added just this little embellishment with red embroidery floss.  I just sketched it out with pencil first, and ta-daa!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Do you have any clever methods for motiving yourself to recycle?


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