Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fun Finds: Thinking Cosy

We're having seriously low temperatures here in Southern California, and that combined with my nearing return to the City by the Bay has me thinking cosy, warm thoughts to beat the chill.

 1. Chamomile Citrus (Mighty Leaf Tea) - Until this past year, I was a strictly black-tea drinking girl.  After trying this delicious tea, however, I am forever willing to try interesting herbal teas!  This is my current favorite, with a bit of honey or without.

2. 1970s Orange Ceramic Teapot (Etsy) - Speaking of tea, I've been drinking so much lately that I'm starting to think I should just go ahead and make pots rather than single cups!  I love this simple teapot mainly for the color.

3. Magical Thinking Kilim Medallion Duvet Cover (Urban Outfitters) - The more of these Fun Finds I do, the more my obsession with textiles and knits is becoming apparent.  On cold days, there is nothing I would rather do than remain curled up in bed with a good book, and I would love to do it under this beautiful design.  I normally wouldn't go for so dark a fabric, but I really love the pattern; it reminds me of Middle Eastern mosaic designs.

4. Cable Knitted Slipper Boots (Etsy) - And these are for the practical, because who can really afford to stay in bed all day?  They look ridiculously warm and comfortable, and remind me of a pair of muck lucks that I used to have as a kid.

Hope you're all staying warm.  What keeps you warm and cosy?

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