Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Computers and Croissants

Hello friends!  I hope you are all having a good week, and not so many computer troubles as I am!  I took my laptop in to be looked at earlier this week due to a seemingly faulty battery and fan.  They kept it for a few days, ran a few tests, and I finally got it back.  Unfortunately, there now seem to be new issues or quirks that have appeared, and as so much of my school work and writing revolves around this computer, I can only hope nothing else happens to it.

Luckily enough, that same morning my dad and I decided to try Le Pain Quotidien for a quick breakfast.  It's a cute, rustic styled French bakery where they not only serve freshly made pastries and breads, but also full organic meals.  It reminded me a lot of the La Boulange chain of cafes in the Bay Area.  I ordered a hot breakfast tea (which came in that cute little bowl-cup) and a butter croissant, while my dad tried their oatmeal with bananas.  We're not "foodies" in anyway, shape or form, but we thought the food was great, and reasonably priced too!  My personal favorite was their five fruit jam.

Always nice to find a new gem in the same neighborhood I've been shopping in my entire life!

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