Monday, October 15, 2012

Of Bug Bites and Bad Plays

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Welcome to the start of another week!  I had a very fun and productive weekend, although I somehow managed to get five very itchy and very inconveniently placed bug bites.  As anyone who know me will tell you, no matter the bug, I always swell up the second I get bitten.  Unfortunately for me this time around, two of the bites are on the backside of my knee, and the swelling is not only extremely uncomfortable but makes it difficult to bend my leg.  If only I didn't attend a college with millions of stairs...

Actually, I really can't complain, as long as I have amazing baseball games like tonight's NLCS Game 2 to distract me.  It seems like most of the Giants are finally starting to find their rhythm and we won 7-1 over the Cardinals.  The only downside of the game was that Giants second baseman and top-hit producer Marco Scutaro had to exit the game after taking a harsh slide by Matt Holliday in the first inning.  And now to consider the question that has the media buzzing: Was Holliday's slide into second base a "dirty play"?

Keep in mind that I am merely a fan, and a fairly ignorant one at that.  I don't know much about the nitty-gritty rules of the game (although I bought a book for just this purpose), but I do know what I heard and what I saw.  I heard both Bruce Bochy and the commentators state that the rule was you had to start sliding before you hit the bag, i.e. you have to start sliding on dirty.  I saw Holliday suddenly go airborne right above second base and then smash into Scutaro in what was an obvious attempt at stopping a double play.  Was the play intended to be "dirty" or illegal?  Probably not.  Holliday himself insists that he was only trying to break up the double play, not injury Scutaro or take him out of the game.  So, yeah, while I think that it was a poorly executed slide and that I'm not eager to see a play like that again, I don't think it was intentional.

That is all.

Did any of you see the play?  Or better yet, anyone out there with more baseball knowledge than I do who would like to weigh in with your opinion?

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