Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fun Finds: Getting Ready for Fall

Like most women, I love the idea of being able to go out and buy every little thing that catches my eye. Unfortunately, that's not very practical, and so I resort to either window shopping or browsing online.  This post is a little collection of things that have recently caught my eye, inspired largely by a late-night conversation with my mother and the always beautiful One Sheepish Girl's Blush Lists.

1. Mociun Mandala Duvet Cover (Urban Outfitters) - I'm a big fan of bright, patterned duvet colors paired with subtle sheets.  Ever since I first discovered that UO also sells bedding, I check back every once in a while to drool over their fun patterns.  I particularly like this duvet cover because of its coloring; it captures the current mood of summer fading into autumn.

2. Harbor Springs Top (Anthropologie) - As any of my friends to describe my sense of style and the only thing that they'll probably agree on is that I am obsessed with stripes.  That being said, this beautiful top caught my eye immediately.  Not only is it stripped, but it's also my favorite shade of orange!

3. My Life in France by Julia Child - I gave this book to one of my friends last Christmas, to accompany her on her semester abroad in Paris.  As I have been talking to her about her preparations, I have found myself wanting to read this as well.  Hopefully I will be able to make time for some pleasure reading this semester.

4. Baylin Mary Janes (Kors Michael Kors Kids) - Now I know this might seem like a strange one, seeing as they're children's shoes, but I really am a little person.  I didn't just pick my blog name to be cute!  I like these shoes because they seem versatile; I can picture myself wearing these to class, work, or a job interview.

It's fun to let yourself crave things every once and a while.  So go ahead; anything in particular catching your eye?

Happy weekend, everyone!

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