Sunday, September 9, 2012

Donate Your Votes!

Hi everyone!  Hope you're having a wonderful weekend; I know that, despite the huge amount of work I have, I'm actually quite enjoying myself.  Now, there is something a little more serious that I'd like to talk to you about.

Yesterday, my family received an email from a relative asking for us to help raise awareness for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  From what little reading on it I've done, it's exactly as it sounds: intense, chronic fatigue that does not allow those who have it to live life to its fullest potential.  Apparently my relative who is suffering from CFS is not even able to attend high school and is instead home-schooled to allow for frequent breaks and rest.

Now, you may be wondering, what does this have to do with me?  Well, there is no cure right now, but doctors are looking for one and they could use more support.  Chase Community Giving is currently encouraging people to vote for their charity of choice on Facebook.  The charities with the most votes will then be presented with $5 million in grants!  I've already cast my vote, but if you'd like to vote for the Neuro Immune Disease Alliance and CFS, you can do so here.

Thanks so much everyone, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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