Monday, September 17, 2012

Beginning Again

I never quite know what to say in posts like this, but I do feel like I need to mark this occasion in the "blog-osphere".

Today is my 21st birthday.

Although that in itself is big, it fits into a year that is big over all.  Most of my friends are off studying abroad this year which means that I'm living off campus, and in the city, mostly on my own.  That's both exciting for me and a bit intimidating.  I'm having to find the perfect balance between being alone and not being lonely.  So far it's been going well, but I'm sure I'll have my ups and downs throughout the year.  I really feel that this is the perfect backdrop for such a big birthday, because I really feel more independent and capable as a person this year.

I can only really thank God for allowing me to reach my stride and allow everything to fall into place.  Oh, and my amazing family who welcomed me home for by birthday weekend.  I returned to a sweltering Southern California for a couple of days for some filming with my brother (which I hope I can show you soon!), some shopping with my mom, and lots of pasta!

I finished up a knitting project while I was there, stuffing this cable pillow that my mom had specifically requested.  We finished up the weekend with dinner on Balboa Island and frozen banana's afterwards.

So basically I feel like I'm starting a new phase of my life, as an adult (whatever that means).  I'm sure I'll get the hang of it, eventually.  But until then, I'm glad that I have the amazing family and friends that I do to support and push me in the right direction.

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