Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wall Wednesdays 2.0!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  My (most) recent absence from blogging was due to the fact that in the last couple of weeks, I moved back to San Francisco, into my grandparents' house, and started school again.  So I think it's safe to say that I was just a tad bit busy.

But now I'm back, and with a short tour of my new room!  My grandmother was kind enough to allow me to stay with her for the school year, and gave me what we have always referred to as "the Big Room".  It's a long, pale yellow room that is complete with an added on sunroom.  One of my uncles shipped in his old furniture from a previous house in Minnesota, and is letting me use his gorgeous king sized bed.  One thing is for sure; after two years in the dorms, this seems like heaven!

But most importantly, this means that I now have a new space to decorate!  So remember last year when I tried to do Wall Wednesdays?  Well, I'm bringing them back as the new and improved Wall Wednesdays 2.0!  This won't, of course, be limited by what I put on the walls, but any little decorations or improvements I make to the room.  Right now I'm hoping to do this every other week, but I'm not going to put strict rules on this project.

Check out what I've done so far, and keep checking back for more adventures in decorating!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, that gorilla painting is not mine!  But trust me, it grows on you.

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