Monday, February 20, 2012

30DDC: Days 11-19

Apparently, I can procrastinate at practically anything, including fun drawing projects that I assign myself.  This past week has been absolutely crazy with school work, and I didn't actually get around to working on the massive amounts of drawings that I missed until late yesterday.  Here they are, and I promise to try and stay on track starting tomorrow!

Day 11: Turning Point in My Life - Moving to SF!

Day 12: Most Recent Accomplishment - I know it looks lame, but I think actually earning my own money qualifies!

Day 13: Comic

Day 14: Favorite Fairytale

Day 15: Family Picture

Day 16: Inspiration - What inspires me is line, color, and pattern.  Also decided to use this for Day 18, which was a doodle.

Day 17: Favorite Plant

Day 19: Something Different - As I've already been over, I don't normally draw people, so I thought I would attempt to sketch my roommate.  Didn't turn out too horribly, but I can't seem to get her mouth/chin right!
I apologize for the lameness of some of the drawings, and hope to actually stay on track this week!

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