Saturday, July 23, 2011

Art in the Streets

Hello, everyone. I hope your summer is treating you well, and that, wherever you are, it is not too hot. I've been lucky so far, as the hottest day I've had to deal with so far has been about 85 degrees. I'm rather behind on reading my latest book (Emma by Jane Austen), so I thought I'd share some pictures from my family's trip to LA instead.

Back at the beginning of July, we decided to take a trip up to the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA. They are currently having a huge exhibition called "Art in the Streets," featuring street and graffiti artists from all over the place. Right in the heart of Little Tokyo, the exhibit is held in a big wear house of sorts where they have constructed ramps, temporary rooms, and even miniature city. It was really quite something, and as someone who loves street art, I was very excited to be there.

There were multiple old cars that were painted, and the very first picture shows a wall that was entirely covered in little prints of photographs of the graffiti-covered trains in New York City. Some people credit the tagging that first occurred on these trains as the start of what has become street art and graffiti today.

Although there was a large number of canvas paintings and photographs, my favorite pieces were those that had been constructed on the walls themselves. The first picture above is a rather terrible shot of a huge LA mural, featuring the emblem of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The other picture depicts the dozens of boxes that were mounted on a wall, all painted to look like faces. Some of those boxes actually contain speakers, and there were instruments set up for later use.

All in all, I was amazed by the diversity of the exhibit, and would definitely recommend going to see it if you are at all interested in street and contemporary art. I'm not sure how much longer this particular exhibit is up, so I'd check their website soon.

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