Saturday, May 28, 2011

Playing Catch (Up)

Although I've been home from school for about a week, I have become incredibly lazy, and still have not gotten around to posting pictures from the various adventures I have yet to tell you all about. I will try to get to that within the next week or so, as after that I probably shouldn't even bother.

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There are a couple of things that I wanted to talk about in this post, and the first will be painful for any Giants fans out there. This past Wednesday, while playing the Florida Marlins, Giants catcher Buster Posey took an extremely hard hit catching a ball in front of home plate. Scott Cousins of the Marlins barreled into the young Rookie of the Year in an attempt at dislodging the ball and thus preventing himself from being tagged out. During the collision, Posey was forced backward, bending his left ankle awkwardly. It was revealed on Thursday, after x-rays and multiple MRIs, that Posey had fractured his lower leg and torn several ligaments. The injury will require surgery and probably keep Posey from playing for the rest of the season.

Now, this injury has become more than just a tragedy for the already offensively struggling Giants. Rather, it has sparked a nationwide discussion about whether the rules regarding plays at home plate need to be changed. And, as a loyal Giants fan, I felt like it was my obligation to at least voice my opinion on the play. Across the various Internet platforms I use, I have watched many people argue over whether or not it was a clean play. If you watch the video, it is pretty obvious that Posey was not, in fact, completely blocking home plate, and that Cousins opted to run into the catcher rather than take the open lane. However, from my understanding, that was a legal play; the runner is allowed to run into the catcher in an attempt to dislodge the ball. So then the question becomes, Should they make this kind of play illegal? I say, why not? The NFL has made attacks on defenseless players punishable with a fine, and I think that MLB should be able to incorporate a similar rule. I have read multiple articles that suggest that Cousins decided to go with the collision because he was trying to prove his worth and claim more playing time. However, if he had been facing a fine, he probably would have thought twice about committing to the play. So, while I agree that these collisions are simply a part of baseball, I also think that there are preventative measures that can be taken to help limit their occurrence.

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Thanks so much for all your support. I know I don't tell you enough, but I really appreciate it and promise that I will try and get those pictures up soon!

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