Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May You Have an Ethical Mother's Day

Do you any of you find it a little funny that, on the week I said I was the most busy, I end up posting three times in three days? I do. But this is important, so I feel like it's worth sacrificing a few minutes of my time to actually write a short post.

Back in March, I wrote a little entry about an organization called Not For Sale. Well, my passion for the work they do to end modern day slavery has not cooled in the slightest. Rather, my friends and I turned our final ethics project into a Not For Sale awareness campaign. Anyways, what I wanted to talk to you about today was their platform Free2Work, which strives to make ethical business profitable by rating businesses on their production. As Mother's Day approaches, they are highlighting various flower companies that practice ethical production, as well as some that do not. They are trying to get one company in particular, ProFlowers, to improve their standards of production and recognize their worker's basic human rights. They currently have a petition going, and are hoping to reach 1,000 signatures. I know I personally don't want to send my mom flowers that have been picked by forced laborers.

If you'd like to sign the petition and help to protect workers against exploitation, please click here. Wishing you all a wonderful and ethical Mother's Day!

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