Friday, April 8, 2011

Twitter News!

Due to the lateness of the hour, this is going to be a very short post. But I thought I'd just like to share with you all some very exciting news.

I have followers on Twitter!

I logged into Twitter for the first time in a while today, and saw (to my utter astonishment and joy) that I now have three followers! Okay, so I'll admit that one of them is me on a joint account I have with my friends, but still. I am entertaining or interesting enough that two people I don't even know want to follow what I have to say. Score! I just got one (or two steps closer) to internet notoriety. Which, don't get me wrong, is not why I do stuff like this. Though it would be nice.

Needless to say, I shouldn't really start getting excited until I get 100 or so followers, but I'm a small-step-glass-half-full type of person. I get excited about the small things in life.

I'll leave you with some pictures of little projects I've finished recently and now have displayed around my room. Happy Friday, everyone!

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