Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let's Go Giants...

... beat the Dodgers! And luckily we did, when I got to go to the Giants vs. LA Dodgers game this Tuesday night. I have never been to game where San Francisco has won before, and to have them beat my least favorite team in all of baseball, I was quite excited. I know that sounds rather harsh, especially from someone who grew up in Southern California, but I can't really help it. I was raised to be a Giants fan by a group of San Francisco natives; it's in my blood!

One of the perks of the game was that, because it was an outing through our academic institute, we did not have to pay for our tickets. Yes, that means we got to go see the reigning World Champions for free! The only downside was that we were in the nosebleeds. Scratch that, we were in the nosebleeds of the nosebleeds, on the very top row. But it was an exciting game to watch, so we willing braved the hundreds of steps and the freezing gusts of wind.

Justine brought her new camera, and took some amazing shots, especially given where we were sitting. She was nice enough to give me some to share with you:

The nearly bird's eye view from our seats

My favorite player: #55 Tim Lincecum

#17 Aubrey Huff

#48 Pablo "Panda" Sandoval

#5 Pat "The Bat" Burrell

Rookie of the Year #28 Buster Posey

My other favorite player: #21 Freddy Sanchez

I was pleased and surprised to see fans of the two different teams behaving well and respecting each other. The Giants fan that was beaten shortly after attending a Giants - Dodgers game in Los Angeles is unfortunately still in an induced coma. Before their series opener on Monday, the two teams came together to support the injured fan and his family, and encouraged fans to respect the team rivalry but not to act on it. If you're interested in helping support Bryan Stow and his family, you can go to

Here's to many future ball games!

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