Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Days of the Sun

Although we are already well into November, something amazing happened this weekend. We had sun! Oh, so much sun and it still has not stopped. But now I am back to the daily grind of classes and papers and midterms. 

On Saturday, though, with all the carelessness of college students on a sunny day with little to do, we decided to take a trip to Sausalito. That's where Justine's from, so we decided to bring a little work with us and study at her house. Of course, in our typical fashion we missed the right bus, and had to take one that dropped us off all the way at the top of the hill leading down onto the island. Not that it was so horrible. I just enjoyed walking in the sun and taking in the sites.

We got sandwiches at a little deli and took them here to eat, before heading up to Justine's house. She had an absolutely gorgeous view...

In fact, everything about her neighborhood was magical. I tried to capture as much as possible on my handy dandy Blackberry, because I continue to forget to bring my camera with me when I go places! That being said, I think the pictures turned out quite nicely.

May you find something magical in your week. 

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