Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Great Flood

Tonight was a very nice night. My living-learning community put together a big Thanksgiving feast, and it was really nice. Then we returned to the dorms, and were hanging out in the hall when all of a sudden water started trickling out of the boy's bathroom. Before long, it had turned into this:

Poor Justine got stranded in her room! The nice thing about being in such a close community is that everyone genuinely cared about saving other people's rooms. We all grabbed extra towels and tried to keep the water from seeping into the doors of people who weren't there. The university was also very good about responding. The hall director was up on our floor within fifteen minutes, checking rooms for damage and keeping us updated on the situation. And the maintenance staff had the water almost completely cleaned up in just 45 minutes!

Thankfully, it happened early enough in the night that we weren't all trying to deal with it at midnight or later. Also, because to day is the last day before Thanksgiving break and most people are gone anyways, the maintenance staff will have plenty of space to deal with the situation. Hopefully they replace the carpet, because if not it is nearly guaranteed that we'll be getting mold. And one of the girls on the floor recently developed a mold allergy...

It wouldn't be college without at least a couple crazy stories to tell, now would it?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Adventures on Haight

After weeks and weeks of hard work, my friend Christine and I decided we needed to get off of campus for a while and reconnect with the amazing city around us. So we took a little gander down Haight Street, equipped with jackets, umbrellas, and our cameras. We saw stopped in a few little stores, including an art shop where I purchased a cheap sketchbook and various markers. And after seeing so much amazing graffiti and street art on Haight, I cannot wait to get down my own ideas.

Because we were feeling adventurous, and because the rain had finally stopped, we decided to keep going down Haight until we got bored.

We ended coming upon Buena Vista Park, which is essentially a large hill covered in trees. Being curious about how good the view of the city would be from the top of the hill, we decided to go on a little hike.

We climbed up and up... but in the end, it wasn't the multiple staircases or trails that made our ascent to the top rather slow. The park was so beautiful, we just couldn't stop taking pictures!

And at the top, as we were getting blown side to side by the wind and the sky was threatening rain, we decided that it was well worth the walk. San Francisco truly is a beautiful city.

We got back to campus just before the rain hit. We then sat together in Christine's room, cozy under a couple of blankets, comparing photos and watching lightening light up the sky. By the time I finally went to bed, the wind was howling through the buildings on campus, the rain was going vertically at my window, and the trees were swaying violently in the wind. It would have been scary if I hadn't been feeling so thankful for being alive and where I am at.

At the end of the week, it will be Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Days of the Sun

Although we are already well into November, something amazing happened this weekend. We had sun! Oh, so much sun and it still has not stopped. But now I am back to the daily grind of classes and papers and midterms. 

On Saturday, though, with all the carelessness of college students on a sunny day with little to do, we decided to take a trip to Sausalito. That's where Justine's from, so we decided to bring a little work with us and study at her house. Of course, in our typical fashion we missed the right bus, and had to take one that dropped us off all the way at the top of the hill leading down onto the island. Not that it was so horrible. I just enjoyed walking in the sun and taking in the sites.

We got sandwiches at a little deli and took them here to eat, before heading up to Justine's house. She had an absolutely gorgeous view...

In fact, everything about her neighborhood was magical. I tried to capture as much as possible on my handy dandy Blackberry, because I continue to forget to bring my camera with me when I go places! That being said, I think the pictures turned out quite nicely.

May you find something magical in your week. 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Week (or two) in the Life

The past few weeks have been a lot of nothing but baseball, baseball, baseball! With the Giants in the World Series, there really was little else that I did but watch. Of course, I had a record number of four essays last week, so I was also staying up quite late and getting up early. To be honest, I'm just tired!

But the Giants won the World Series! What more could I ask for in my first year of college in San Francisco? I've been raised a Giants fan, so to actually be in the city when they finally won the World Series has been nothing short of amazing. Everywhere you look, there is orange and black. This was especially true on Wednesday, when the team had their victory parade ending at City Hall. I didn't get to go (I'm too dedicated to my classes!), but I had a few friends who went and you could feel the energy everywhere that day! Of course, every time I've seen a publication like a magazine or newspaper on the World Series, I've bought it, because this is a historic event and I want something to remember it by.

This picture was a request from my friends. Number 55, our starting pitcher Tim Lincecum, is my absolute-hands-down favorite player. The more games we watched, however, the more my friends became convinced that I look like Lincecum! So here, I am, embracing the look. My friend Justine has even taken to calling me "Timmy" when she's trying to get my attention. I don't mind - I could think of plenty of worse things to be called!

In other news, Sister Helen Prejean held a lecture on campus this week. She is the author of the book Dead Man Walking, that is more popularly known from the play and movie versions. She gave a talk on the death penalty that I really wanted to attend, but I couldn't due to a class. Luckily for me, Justine was willing to get my copy of the book signed for me afterwards!

The collage on my wall is growing slowly but surely. My plan is to have the entire wall covered by the end of the year, and it looks like that will be easier to do than I had originally expected!

One last update! I am now on Twitter! Yes, that's right, I gave in to societal pressures and joined yet another time consuming site. Actually, I had originally joined so I could follow a friend's tweets (Is that what you call them?) and decided it would be a shame to have one and not use it. So I am currently using it to record things that people around me say, whether they make me laugh, cry, or think about something differently. Feel free to check me out!

Have a good rest of the weekend, everyone!