Sunday, October 24, 2010

We're going to the World Series!!

Or, at least, the Giants are. I was at dinner with some friend when we won the game. Practically the entire restaurant, us included, crammed into the bar to watch the bottom of the ninth inning. People were chanting, all the servers stopped serving, and my friends and I were holding onto each other for dear life. By the time the game was over, my heart was pounding and my fingers were all tingly.

I've never experienced so much positive energy is from so many people all at once before. It was a really powerful experience. The Giants haven't gone to the World Series since 2002, where they were absolutely dominated by the Angels. This is our chance for retribution! And growing up in Southern California, I've always been the only Giants fan among a bunch of Angels and Dodgers fans. It's nice to be around people that are just as excited as I am.

Nothing else really happened this weekend, other than a lot of rain and wet clothes. There was a slight bleach incident with my roommate's unfortunate comforter cover, but it was easily settled out. I babysat my cousins on Friday. I'll leave you with some images I took at their house, after they went to sleep.

Get ready for another week, everybody. First game of the World Series on Wednesday!

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