Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reflections in the Hall

The living community I belong to has a Catholic mass every Tuesday. Tonight, the presiding priest ended the mass with this lovely little poem by Richard Wilbur. I thought I'd just share it with all of you.

Right now, while we are finishing up some homework, my roommate and I are also waiting up with the girl next door. Her roommate has started making a habit of bringing random soccer boys back to their room late at night, and then kicking her out of the room. This roommate has been occupied by her current boy for two and a half hours now. The most disturbing part? They left the door somewhat open, but we're all too scared to touch it.

Quite frankly, we just want to be there when the guy goes staggering back to his room. But at this rate we're going to fall asleep way before they call it quits!

I wish you all a lovely rest of the week.

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