Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How Salami Saved My Life

You may have read the title, and thought "Is she really serious?" Well, the answer is yes. I thoroughly attribute my returned mental health to a certain San Francisco Trader Joe's and, yes, Columbus Brand Salami.

As you know, I have been adjusting quite well to college life, with the exception of enjoying the food services. I just had a mental block when it came to eating strange food in a strange and hectic environment. Don't get me wrong; I have nothing against the food itself, but it was simply impossible for me to eat in such a load setting. Back home, we were big on sitting down and making conversation while we ate. Meals rarely took less than one hour to complete.

Then, this past weekend, I took a trip to the local Trader Joe's and picked up some things that I had eaten at home and knew that I liked. In retrospect, I didn't actually get all that much stuff, just some sliced bread, turkey meat, cheese sticks, a couple things of soup, some bananas, and the salami. But you have no idea how much just that miniscule amount of food has changed life here on campus. I now eat in the caf for breakfast and breakfast only. I've been indulging in salami and cheese on crackers for lunch and have been bringing food up to my room for dinner. I've discovered that if you mix something simple from the caf like grilled chicken with a little microwave rice from home, you can make something quite delicious and filling.

But beyond all that, I'm feeling more like myself again. No more random bursts of crying. No more wanting to go home (okay, well, I'm still a little homesick...). No more feeling like you haven't eaten in a week. I'm able to go to my classes and pay attention and actually understand the material.

This also means that I'll probably have more exciting things to talk about in future posts! Get excited!

Whoever had this desk before me decided it needed a little something extra. Cute, isn't it? Until next time!

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