Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone is having a good Friday. Partying still seems to be the popular thing to do and, quite frankly, I don't think it will go out of style any time soon (hello, this is college). I actually witnessed my first in dorm drinking today, and I have to admit, I wasn't that impressed. I have been, however, branching out to try and find out what there is to do besides partying.

Today after classes, some friends and I met at Golden Gate Park in the AIDS Memorial Garden. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and there were two guys with guitars who played for a while. I admit it; we studied on a Friday afternoon! But it was so quiet and peaceful that we relaxed and read for a little while before packing up and going off to explore Haight Street. Of course, not before I got to take some pictures of the absolutely gorgeous park!

On the way out of the park, we came across some chalk art on the side walk, and I couldn't resist! This was only the beginning of what Haight had to offer.

This man's pants were the first thing to catch our attention. Well, that and the fact that he was suspending himself upside down over this fire hydrant. He was very nice when we asked him if we could take a picture with him, and introduced himself as the hip Dali Lama.

This cute little dog was sitting just inside the doorway of a salon we passed by. He was also very friendly and relaxed, and was just as eager as the man in the neon pants to pose for some pictures.

We stopped for pizza and took a look in the discount army store. On the way back to campus, we saw this band playing on someone's front steps and stopped for half of a song. If you like bluesy-folk music, they weren't half bad and had attracted a decent sized crowd.

Once we got back to campus, we threw in a few loads of laundry and played video games with some of the guys on our floor. Most everyone has left for parties by now, but my friends Scott, Justine, and I are planning on watching a movie in a little bit. So, I would call this a major victory over stay-in-friday-syndrome, which typically manifests itself in melancholy feelings and random bursts of loneliness. I had a great time today, no alcohol needed!

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