Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Weekend Away from Home...

I have survived my first weekend away from home, though not without quite a few calls home and even a few tears. My roommate, along with many other people who live nearby, decided to go home for the weekend, which made for a very quiet campus. Even then, I spent quite a bit of time off campus this weekend. On Friday, I took a trip down to my favorite bakery after classes and then sat at a nearby library to consume my bounty. That night, a few of us got together and watched the movie Watchmen.

On Saturday, I went to my grandparent's house for a family dinner. It was really good to get off campus for a while and get away from "the bubble," so to speak. I got to run around after my little cousins for a few hours, and actually might have gotten more homework done there then when I'm sitting in my dorm room. I got a good meal of spaghetti and a nice relaxed evening. I also got to go to Trader Joe's, so I now have food I know that I like stored in my room.

Ah, yes, my food issue. It's getting a little bit better; at least, I've figured out what the problem is. The main problem is that everyone here eats so fast. Back home, we would sit down and take a good hour to eat. Of course, that included music and conversations, which makes for a nice relaxing meal. Here, however, people scarf down their food as though it's their last meal. The cafeteria is pretty much always jam packed with people, and you can practically feel their voices pulsating in your stomach, it's so loud. As my loyal follower knorthcutt has suggested to me, they need a zen dining room where it's quieter.

So I have decided that since the craziness seems to be affecting my ability to eat, I'm going to start eating my own food more. Hence my trip to Trader Joe's. I got sandwich makings, soup, and some fruit. We also can get food from the caf to go, which I've already started doing. So I think I'll be eating more meals outside or in my room, as a relaxed setting seems to be essential to me actually eating something.

I have more to tell you all, my dear readers. But I am getting quite sleepy, so I will just have to continue some other time. Until then!

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