Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Journey

Today we all climbed into the car and made the journey from Orange County to San Francisco. Most of my dad's family lives in SF, so we make this trip fairly often. It was a fairly easy trip, despite the fact that we managed to cram four people and two dogs into an already packed car.

We made our first stop after two or so hours, at a Petro truck stop called The Iron Skillet. I know how that sounds, but this is actually a very cool place, especially for the road-weary. Not that two hours in a car is really that long... but back to what I was saying. Inside this truck stop there is a cafe, a Baskin Robbins, a gift shop, a game arcade, small movie theatre, and a laundry mat. They even offer a place to take a shower. As my mom says every time we stop there, it's a truck driver's heaven. 'Course, we all like it, too.

Our next stop was at the hotel and restaurant the Harris Ranch, that sits just off of the Interstate 5. It's a fairly large hotel for where it is situated, and a great hotel at that. The Harris Ranch is known best for its amazing beef, and I personally believe that they make some of the best steak I've ever had. Of course, if you're more into sweets, they also make killer chocolate chip cookies. The hotel's decor is country-western, with an extra emphasis on cow print and fur. It's always a good place to get out, stretch your legs, walk the dogs, and maybe grab a bite to eat or a bit of gas before heading off again. In the past, my family has actually stayed there a few times. They have a nice pool, although it's so hot there that the only time you ever really want to come out of your room is at night.

Our last stop was in a suburban city called Dublin. How to describe it? Well, it reminds me a lot of Irvine back home. The houses are very uniform looking, all of similar designs and complimenting colors. There is a nice shopping center there with an absolutely huge Safeway (which is the Northern California equivalent of Vons) where we use their decently clean restroom. So far, I have yet to see anything truly exciting happen there, but maybe next time.

From there we went on into the city, to the Richmond District where my grandparents live. Normally we stay with them, but this time we are staying with my aunt on account of other family members staying with my grandparents. We were welcomed with a delicious spaghetti dinner and allowed to practically take over the house with our excess amount of stuff. Good thing some of it will be staying in San Francisco with me when the rest of my family drives back home.

I am supposed to move into my dorm on Thursday, and this is also when orientation starts. I'll admit it, I'm nervous. Will I get over it? Yes. But for now I'm just taking things one day at a time.

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