Monday, August 16, 2010



First off, I wanted to admit that I have thought a lot about this first post. Probably too much, by most standards. It may sound silly, but I always thought that these first posts were so important. First posts are meant for  introductions, yes, but mostly for impressions. Will you continue reading as I continue writing? Will you even care?

See, I told you that I thought about this way too much, although that in itself says a lot about who I am. I am an imaginative, creative, curious girl who tends to over think things most of the time. Sometimes, it's a character flaw. Other times, it's an asset.

Well, back to the point of this post: a declaration of intent for the use of this blog. Tomorrow, I will be leaving sunny Southern California behind and traveling to San Francisco. There, I will be attending college as an English major. I want this blog to chronicle my college days, from the transition into freshman year to graduation. I have always kept a journal, and that is what this space will be. A 21st century journal.

Never fear, I do not intend to torture anyone with any "Dear Diary" whiny, overly dramatic fluff. I merely intend to tell things the way I see them and sometimes muse about absolutely nothing in particular. Hopefully you will find something worth reading here, something you can relate to that makes you think and laugh and cry (though hopefully not the latter). I shall do my best to be honest and maybe even entertaining at times.

And for everyone out there going off to college for the first time... This is for you.

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