Friday, August 27, 2010

As the week comes to an end...

Hello, everyone! Sorry it's been a while since I wrote, but now that I'm a fully fledged college student, I find I have a lot less time than one would expect. Since the last time I wrote, orientation finished up and I started classes.

On the last night of orientation, there was a hypnotist show. He went through the audience picking volunteers, and they did some pretty crazy things. Here they are, all "passed out" from first going under...

...and here they are "fanning" themselves. The hypnotist made them think that it was super hot, and they all started rolling up each other's pants. It was hilarious!

In other news, I've had all of my classes at least once. I'm taking Ancient Philosophy, Greek and Roman Literature and Culture, and Advanced Writing Practicum, all of which are interesting but involve a lot of reading. Hopefully I can get most of it done this weekend so I can start over fresh next week! I'm also taking a physics class entitled "Einstein, Black Holes, and the Big Bang." There isn't too much math involved, but just enough math to be intimidating. But all of my teachers seem great; they are all very into what they are teaching, and I have yet to have a class that was boring.

I guess you could say that I'm adjusting to life at college fairly well. I know enough people that I don't feel awkward talking to anyone. It really does help that I know Wade from high school, and that my roommate and I get along splendidly. The food continues to be an issue, though. And it's not that the food itself is bad, it's the environment. When I get nervous, the first thing that happens is that I find it harder to eat. Some people cry, some people get crabby, I have problems eating. Breakfast is fine because there are never that many people in the cafeteria, and they always have eggs and rice and hashbrowns and the works. But for both lunch and dinner there are so many people in the caf that it is absolutely crazy in there and I just can't eat. My roommate and I were talking about it and she can't stand it either. We're both kind of nervous eaters. So I think I'm going to stop at the grocery store this weekend and pick up some stuff to keep in the room.

Oh, well. That just means more midnight snacks!

Hopefully I will be able to write more regularly, as I get used to my class load and whatnot. Well, off to Greek and Roman!

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